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When things don’t go your way…scrunch your eyes!

Right now, that seems to be Mason’s mantra. He scrunches those little eyes up for a number of things these days. Dinner isn’t ready and in his mouth 3 seconds ago? Eye scrunch. Shutting the pantry door while he was having fun opening it and closing it? Eye scrunch. Putting him in his car seat and not leaving that very second? Eye srcuncheroo! Sitting him on grass to take photos? Yep, you guessed it! Eye Scrunch!

Despite all his eye-scrunching, Mason is turning into such a fun little guy! Lately, Mark and I get a kick out of saying “HIIIIIII, Mase” and obnoxiously waving at the same time and we actually get a cute little wave back from this handsome little guy. Ah, life’s pretty darn good!

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